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Frequently Asks Questions


Do you only sell the crib bedding sets as a whole, or can I buy parts of it separately?

We highly recommend buying our crib bedding sets as a whole. That is because we put in a lot of thought and planning into our designs, and have created unique color combinations that would make any crib look it's best! That being said, we understand that not everyone has a need for a full set, and so we do provide the option of purchasing only the reversible quilts, or a pillow, bolsters & sheet set separately. Simply select which option you would like on the product page for the Bedding design of your liking.

Are your quilts actually warm?

Our quilts are filled with cotton, instead of the usual polyfill. We did this because cotton helps to regulate your baby's body temperature, keeping them warm when it's cold outside, and comfortable when it's not too hot. Polyfill usually doesn't retain body heat, and this is what causes most quilts to be ineffective in keeping your baby cozy and warm. Our reversible quilts are definitely going to keep your little one comfortable, warm and happy all through nap time. 

Are the bedding sets machine washable?

Absolutely! Simply remove the pillow and bolsters from the covers, and machine wash without worry! All our colors are machine wash tested and are guaranteed not to run or fade. Just make sure the water isn't too hot, and you air dry the Quilts to prevent clumping of the cotton stuffing.

Do you also have bedding sets for Twin beds or bigger?

We're sorry, but at the moment we only cater to babies, and as such our bedding sets currently only fit cribs/cots. Keep an eye on us though, if we get enough demand from our amazing customers to increase our sizes, we may just decide to do it!

Do your Bumper Pads only come as a set of 2?

Yes. This is because we wanted to give our customers the option of covering the bars of their cribs all the way around (for those little ones who are extremely restless and prone to ouchies!). We also wanted to give parents the option of using one pad to cover half the crib, and then use the 2nd piece as a replacement, while the 1st piece is in the wash!

Are the Bumper Pads machine washable?

Yes, they are! You can simply place them as is in the washing machine, and run a "quilt" cycle. Then, let the pads air dry, and they are good to go!

Are the Booties & Mittens really non-slip?

Yes, they are to a certain extent. Instead of just providing a simple elastic band which can sometimes be too loose for those tiny hands and feet, we decided to give you the option of an adjustable velcro. This allows you to adjust the opening of the booties and mittens to fit your baby perfectly, thus significantly reducing the number of times you find yourself picking them up from the ground. The fit will always be comfortable and snug, and we're sure your baby will be very happy using them.

What size are the Muslin Swaddles?

Our Muslin Swaddles are a very comfortable 1.2 meters x 1.2 meters in size. We've noticed that the average 90cm x 90cm size that is usually available on the market tends to be a bit small, and your fast growing little ones outgrow them before you know it, and you find yourselves having to buy new ones in the span of a few months! Not with a PabsCo. swaddle. Our larger size allows you to use the swaddle for a longer time, and as a bonus, you can eventually use it as an airy blanket, stroller blanket, or a soft base for tummy time.

What is an Instant Swaddle?

Not all babies tend to sleep soundly through the night in a swaddle wrap. That's because no matter how snugly you wrap them, somehow these little acrobats manage to wrestle their little arms (and sometimes legs!) free. This interrupts their sleep and as a result, they can even become cranky. Our instant swaddles solve this problem easily. Once the baby is placed inside and zipped up, they will be completely snuggled up, and won't accidentally free their limbs, leading to a long and peaceful sleep. As a bonus, the 2-way zip means you can even change their dirty diaper without waking them up!

Won't the baby be uncomfortable and feel trapped inside the Instant Swaddle?

Not at all. The main reason that we swaddle babies is to help them sleep by simulating what it was like inside the womb. There, they are happily wrapped up, with only minimal movement, and to babies, this is very comforting. Our Instant Swaddles imitate this feeling better than the swaddle wraps because they are snuggled up, and leave no room for them to fight their way out in their sleep.

Is a Wooden Teether actually safe for my baby? Isn't the wood too hard?

Wooden teethers are actually very safe for your baby. This is for multiple reasons, including the fact that it's all natural (meaning no harmful chemicals come near your babies mouths, such as those usually found in plastic or silicon), and antibacterial because bacteria simply cannot grow on wood. The wood itself is quite hard, and this is a good thing. It allows your baby to bite down as hard as they wish, and when baby’s teeth are erupting, the hardness of the wood helps to take the pressure off from their extremely aching gums.

The cube is too big! I feel my baby will have trouble holding onto it.

Our teething cubes are deliberately made this size. That's because we wanted to not only help soothe your baby's aching gums, we also wanted to help them grow. The rattle in our cubes helps to stimulate their ears, and the size helps them develop their motor and cognitive skills as they figure out how to hold and control the cube. We've seen first hand how quickly a baby goes from being confused to mastering the cube like a pro!

Why are you so expensive?

We focus a lot on our organic fabrics, taking care to source only the best. We spend months on design, detailing and the quality and production of our products, to make sure everything meets the highest of standards. In meeting these high standards, we also ensure that what reaches your hands will be pure luxury, not just in the product itself, but also in the entire unboxing experience. We try our best to give great value for our products while remembering that we here at PabsCo. stand for premium quality.

How can I contact the team at PabsCo.?

Contacting us is super easy, and you can do so in multiple ways! You can use the "Help" tool on the bottom right, or drop us an email at Alternatively, you can follow us on social media (Facebook: @pabscompany, Instagram: @pabsco) and drop us a message there.

How can I let you know I love your products?

We are so thrilled you like our products! Nothing makes us smile more than a happy and satisfied customer. To share your joy with us, you can post a photo or a message on social media. (Don't forget to tag us though! Facebook: @pabscompany, Instagram: @pabsco).


Can I change/cancel my order?

Yes, you may change/cancel your order as long as it has not been shipped. To do so, please get in touch with our team by emailing us at with your order details as soon as possible as orders are sometimes shipped immediately.

What happens if an item ordered is out of stock/you are unable to fulfill my order?

Our team will get in touch with you and discuss if you would like a refund, or if you'd like to exchange the item for something else.

How do I redeem my discount code?

Enter your code at checkout and the discount will be automatically applied to the total amount.

Can you personalize my order with a name or monogram?

No, unfortunately at the moment we are not taking any orders involving personalization.

Can I get in touch for bulk orders?

Absolutely! Drop us an email at with your requirements and someone from our team will contact you at the earliest.

Do you gift wrap?

PabsCo. is perfect for gifting. That's because all our products arrive at your doorstep beautifully encased in one of our gorgeous gift boxes or pouches - complete with our Signature Wax Seal. Plus, if you enter your message in the "special instructions" box at checkout, we will include a beautiful handwritten note, just like the ones shown on the Gifting page.

How long will it take for my order to ship?

See these details in the Shipping & Returns section.